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Posture coach Peggy Cummings works with riding school cob mare Molly. In ground-work and ridden work sessions, Peggy teaches her the correct weight bearing posture to carry a rider. Jumping trainer Jon Rogers works with Sarah to build young Finn's confidence cross country and 4* eventer Willa Newton focuses on suppleness with older eventer Chip.

HORSE HERO UPDATE 21st June 2017

Horse Hero founder Fiona Price finishes 3rd in the 120K 2* at Kings Forest

Site notice: Horse Hero will shortly be going off-line. It’s a heart-breaking decision but, unfortunately, the site is no longer financially viable and hasn’t been for some time. I kept it going as long as possible. However, I am pleased to say that the legacy of Horse Hero will continue as the videos have been sold to a very good home and will make a re-appearance in due course. Keep an eye out in the financial press.

For those who want a last minute ‘video binge’, the site will remain on line for another two weeks. It will be taken down on Thurs 6th July. You can pay to view at £1.50 per video for 24 hours. If you have an annual subscription with part of the year still to run, you will receive a pro-rata refund via Paypal.

Thanks for all your support, especially those who have been long-term enthusiasts of the site. At a personal level, what I have filmed and produced for Horse Hero has been an amazing journey which has changed my life, my horsemanship and my riding…hugely. I know it has been invaluable for many others too, as you have told me. So please, put it all to good use as that is also a legacy!

If you have enjoyed my blog and personal videos on the site, you can continue to follow my life and times with horses and living in the wilds of Wales on I will be building that up with more blogs and videos in due course though there is already quite a lot of content to enjoy on the site, which is free of charge.

Thank you to the others who believed in the site and supported me in many and varied ways over the years. Fiona Price, Horse Hero Founder.

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